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What can I do when I forget my password?

If you encount a error message, make sure your e-mail or caps lock is off as your password are case sensitive.

If you’re still redirected, please try resetting your password.


If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact us.

What is a point and how does it work?

You can purchase images in quantity these points you have. You pre-purchase a package of points for images.

How do I purchase images from your site?

YOU-SHO works on a points system. Purchase a package of points and redeem points for images. An small image needs 2 points, medium image is 8 points, and large image is 20 points.

How long are my points valid for?

Points does'nt have limit time.

Is there a time limit on downloading an image?

You can download images for 30days after purchase it.

Where do I find my receipt?

Purchase receipts are stored in your 'mypage'. Click on the ‘Mypage’menu then click 'Get Purchase Receipt' link at the top of the site. All of your purchase receipts will be listed there.

Go to Get Purchase Receipt Page

Can I change my password or registered e-mail?

You can change your password or registered e-mail in 'mypage', Click on the ‘Mypage’menu then click 'Edit User' link at the top of the site

Go to Edit User Page

Can I download images again?

You can download images in 'mypage', Click on the ‘Mypage’menu then click 'History & Download' link at the top of the site

Go to History & Download Page

I click a cart button, but it doesn't do anything...

YOU-SHO requires you to accept cookies. Please reconfigure your browser to accept cookies or you will be unable to add items to your cart.
Once you have changed your browser to accept cookies, you will be able to add to your cart.

At checkout page, I tick a box and submit it, but it doesn't do anything...

Sometimes it doesn't do anything because of problem with the internet lines. In a lot of cases your submitting is successfully finished. Please check below page, and you can download images.

Go to History & Download Page

What do I do when I'm having download problems and credits were deducted?

If you experience download problems, please contact Client Relations with the file number and we’ll email the file to you or refund your credits. Please note that you have 24 hours from the time of your initial download to re-download that image without being charged additional credits.

How can I use your images? Are they Royalty Free?

All of the images on YOU-SHO are Royalty-free. Please follow this link to view our license agreement that outlines permitted and prohibited usage.


If you still have questions, please contact us.

YOU SHO japanese kanji

YOU-SHO is a royalty free download site for Kanji characters written by professional calligraphers.
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Kanji overview
Japanese calligraphy is formative utilizing characters and letters, which originated in China then subsequently introduced into Japan. The Japanese languages incorporates "Kanji", Chinese ideograms, and "hiragana" and "katakana", both unique to Japan.
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