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Custom-made SHO

Why don't you decorate your room with Japanese items.

In Japan, there are many precepts that have come from Chine and have been passed on through the ages. The Japanese people believe that maintaining these principles are important and helpful for both our home lives and work lives. For this reason, these precepts are written in Japanese calligraphy and decorating our room as a personal reminder. By this, it will be improved the feeling of your room.

Why don't you decorate your room with your great words. Our Japanese calligrapher "SAKURA" will write for you with her whole heart on a Japanese traditional items such as a hanging scroll or a folding fan. We recommend that the script be positioned where it can "breath" and be seen often. In this way, you will receive the inspiration from the writing throughout the day.

Here are samples:

風林火山Move as swift as the wind, stay as silent as a forest, attack fiercely like fire, maintain a defence like a mountain, as quoted by Takeda Shingen, a samurai master.
明日は明日の風が吹くTomorrow is another day. So, don't be negative, be happy.
七転八起A man's walking is succession of failures. Even if our lives have lots of failures, we can always start again. Never give up.

SAKURA will write any word, phrase or proverb that you request. So, please let us know what sort of works you would like to have by filling out the form below. We will e-mail you as soon as we make a sample.

The prices are as below:
There will be however a shipping fee from Japan to your home.

Prices according to style
folding fanhanging scroll (small)hanging scroll (middle)hanging scroll (large)

*To make a hanging scroll it takes about a month after placing an order. These are mounted on a "Washi" (Japanese traditional paper). If you want to have a hanging scroll mounted on a Japanese fabric like a "Kimono", please ask us. It will cost about 4 or 5 times more than the paper one.

Kanji stroke order!

If there is no Kanji you want to purchase in "Kanji list" we can make your original one. For example, we can write your name in Kanji characters and send it to you by image or "Shikishi" (a square piece of thick paper). We can also make these works written on other items.

Price by Writing as image
Prices for items on 'Shikishi'
Please fill out the form below making sure to include the size, the script and the material which you would like it written on.
Your name
E-mail address
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Kanji overview
Japanese calligraphy is formative utilizing characters and letters, which originated in China then subsequently introduced into Japan. The Japanese languages incorporates "Kanji", Chinese ideograms, and "hiragana" and "katakana", both unique to Japan.
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